Courses and Training Available



Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Certification

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Certification Course is a combination of the highly effective strategies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with the proven and practical approaches of Coaching. Together, they allow the coach to offer a sensible, solution based, and goal oriented approach to help others master their thoughts and to achieve their goals.

As a coach in training, you will develop the skills to help yourself and others to challenge unhealthy, unrealistic, and faulty thinking patterns, to take responsibility for emotions and the actions that follow, and to ultimately increase satisfaction, and performance in all areas of life.

This course will teach you the basics of CBT and how to work through the coaching process. As you progress through the course, you will also benefit personally from the therapy and coaching process. As a bonus, we will also teach you how to setup and organize your training into a thriving movement that individuals, families, ministries, and even businesses can be impacted and experience true transformation. Most importantly, all skills and strategies will incorporate your Christian beliefs and values.


Deliverance 099 – “Lock-Up”

Deliverance 099 – “Lock-Up” is the first level course of our deliverance training series. This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of deliverance ministry and the deliverance process itself. It includes proper deliverance terminology, what are demons, common ways demons enter a person or bloodline, methods and strategies to engage the deliverance process, and common traps and pitfalls to be aware of in deliverance ministry.

This course lays the foundation, and is a prerequisite for all other deliverance courses and inner healing courses taught in our curriculum.


“Incipient” – Prophetic Course

“Incipient” is the first level course of our prophetic training. Like a fire, we teach the prophetic training at three different levels: Incipient, Growth, And Fully Developed. The prophetic courses are taught in succession, and mastery is required at every level.

During this course, we will teach you what it means to be in a prophetic culture, the different administrations of the prophetic, proper terminology of the prophetic and the basis and purpose of prophecy. To enhance your understanding of the prophetic, we will teach you the common traps and pitfalls of the prophetic.

This class is a prerequisite to all prophetic modules and classes taught in our curriculum

The Government of the Kingdom

The Government of the Kingdom discusses the Kingdom of God and how it functions. This course helps to give proper understanding of “government” and compares and contrasts various models of government. After looking at the nature and structure of government, we delve into the “governmental” systems, laws, and officers in the Kingdom of God.

We spend a great deal of time learning the various gifts from God… the gifts of the spirit and the governmental gifts that God released in the earth.

This class is taught in two units and is a prerequisite to all leadership modules and leadership classes taught in our curriculum.